[Mono-list] Possible bug in MimeKit [or weird behavior? or I am stupid, and don't get it?]

Thomas Hansen thomas at magixilluminate.com
Sat Aug 16 08:53:33 UTC 2014

First of all, thx for a brilliant piece of work Jeffrey, MimeKit and
MailKit simply rules!! :D

Anyway, there are some weird behavior in WindowsSecureMimeContext.cs in
MimeKit which either I am too stupid to understand, or seems to be a bug

Inside the "GetCmsRecipientCertificate" method, you check for
the DataEncipherment bit, and if found, MimeKit doesn't allow usage of
certificate and/or key.

I have a certificate from Comodo, which apparently seem to have this bit
set, which means MimeKit doesn't allow me to use this certificate/key to do
its magic. I actually forked your "WindowsSecureMimeContext" class just to
remove this check, which allowed me to use that certificate and key

Could someone explain to me please why this check is there ...?

ps, Comodo seems to be one of the biggest certificate issuers out there,
and if they issue their "default email certificates" with the
DataEncipherment bit set, I imagine a lot of certificates are "lost" this
way ...

Another thing on the sideline, it took me actually a whole day figuring out
I could use the Windows Certificate/Key Storage instead of Sqlite. Maybe
you should update your website at https://github.com/jstedfast/MimeKit to
at the very least inform users of that there exists a Windows
Certificate/Key database wrapper in MimeKit ...

When I found it, I had spent literally a whole day trying to make my own
... :P

Anyway, thanx again for a brilliant piece of work :D
I've looked at all the smtp and s/mime libraries out there, and MimeKit
simply rules ... :D

pps, could anyone point me in the direction for the changelog for version
0.94 of both MimeKit and MailKit ...?

ppps, if this is the wrong mailing list, I am sorry for being off topic,
and I would appreciate someone pointing me in the right direction :)

Have a nice day :)

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