[Mono-list] Regression in WinForms support

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Wed Apr 9 10:54:13 UTC 2014

On 08.04.2014 11:40, Baltasar García Perez-Schofield wrote:
> Hi, there.
> While trying to execute my app using WinForms (created with Mono and
> MonoDevelop, and working just right up until now), I have stumbled with
> this, using Windows 7:
> ==
> Unhandled exception:
> ...snip...
> missing \tmp\lib\libgdiplus.so
> ==
> I've installed the last version of Mono (3.2.3) from the mono webpage for
> Windows. I've looked for help and found:
> http://www.mono-project.com/DllNotFoundException
> However, this only seems to apply to Linux distributions, not for Windows.
> I suppose the DLL is not missing, since it should be using the one provided
> by Windows.
> Can I have some help?
> Why did this work transparently in previous versions of Mono and now it
> does not?

Because bugs happen :)

Locate $mono-prefix/etc/mono/config and add an os="!windows" attribute
to all gdiplus & gdi32 DLL mapps.


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