[Mono-list] Mono builds for Linux

David Curylo curylod at asme.org
Thu Apr 3 14:45:03 UTC 2014

Most distributions are slow at introducing updates to runtimes such as mono, python or java, and as a result, people have to package these runtimes themselves.  If there were official builds and repositories available for the opt-mono packages as you’ve done, I expect most would be very happy to use them.  They even run very well side by side with the mono included in various distributions by bootstrapping the application with environment variables set for the opt-mono packages.

IMHO you’ve done great work and it would be terrific if your builds and repositories could become official.  One thing that I would recommend it to ensure these packaged builds are tested, and possibly post the test results.  I feel like the biggest effort with an official distribution is that you are now the target for any questions or issues with the builds.

Have you been in contact with the mono-packagers-list to determine what the procedure is to make these official?


On Apr 3, 2014, at 5:03 AM, Timotheus Pokorra <timotheus.pokorra at solidcharity.com> wrote:
> I wonder if someone else wants to do this officially for the Mono
> team, or if my builds could become somehow official. 

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