[Mono-list] What exactly is UIA* stuff and how do I get it to work?

Steffen Winkler steffen-winkler at gmx.de
Thu Sep 12 20:25:22 UTC 2013


I'm currently trying to get one of my programs to work under Linuxoid
systems. Now, when I try to start my program, I get an error which says
that an assembly with the name 'uiadbusbridge' couldn't be found. I
searched and found out that it's not included in any of the Debian based
distributions (at least I couldn't find any repository listing a .deb
file that contains that lib).

On the bright side, I found the github repository of that UIA* project
and downloaded the .zip file. But even after ~2 hours of trying I
couldn't get it to compile successfully. As an example:
Automation.Compare(int[],int[]) can't be found in one of the
UIAautomation classes.

Figuring that this is probably not the correct way, I decided it'd be
best to ask some people that have far more experience with mono than
I've: You guys.

I hope that someone here can tell me how to get my program to work and
maybe explain to me what that UIA stuff actually does. From my
understanding it makes GTK# and WindowsForms able to interact with
eachother, (in which case I really need it).

With kind regards
Steffen Winkler

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