[Mono-list] Mono.Simd - Flow Control (?)

Nigel Delaney nigel.delaney at outlook.com
Tue Sep 10 23:08:15 UTC 2013

Hi All,


Does anyone how to do control flow with the Mono.Simd namespace.  For
example, break if all elements in a vector match some condition relative to
another vector.  e.g.


var x= Vector2d(1,2);

var y=Vector2d(3,4):

if(y<x)//compare less than, true for both???

Do something.


I gather SSE has a movmskps instruction that is useful, but am not sure if
this is an available operation from mono.




PS For context I am working on this toy problem for the language shootout
(http://evolvedmicrobe.com/blogs/?p=112), but generally need to know if this
is possible.


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