[Mono-list] Viewing Assembly Best Practices

Nigel Delaney nigel.delaney at outlook.com
Sun Sep 8 17:41:44 UTC 2013

Hi all,
I am playing around comparing the performance of a Java/C/C# implementation of an algorithm that is rate-limiting in an analysis pipeline.  I was hoping to track down the differences between them a bit more clearly by looking at the assembly.
I gather there are at least two options to view assembly.
1 - Call mono with -v -v options, which produces a readable file but with no comments indicating which part of the method you are looking at.
2- Call mono --aot which produces a .s file.  Unfortunately I can't read it though because it seems to be in a byte format and not the typical instruction type that I am used to.
I gather option 1 is the preferred way to view assembly, but thought I would ask if anyone knew some tips and tricks for making this process easier (or alternate ways).
Also, I noticed according to this: 
That C# seems to be using the fmultp and faddp rather than the mulsd and addsd instructions (which they indicate are faster).  Does anyone know if there is a way to compile down to use these instructions for floating point calculations?
Thanks for any help,Nigel 		 	   		  
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