[Mono-list] self signed certificate

Edward Ned Harvey (mono) edward.harvey.mono at clevertrove.com
Thu Oct 24 22:02:23 UTC 2013

If you want to use SslStream, you have to have a cert on the server.  It can be self signed, but it needs to *exist*.   ;-)

All the guides out there that I can find tell people to use "makecert," which isn't an option.  Or use openssl.  I have used openssl to generate self signed certs for web servers before - but so far I have failed to generate one that SslStream is willing to work with.

Plus, I'd just generally like to know how to do this in C# anyway.

The other guides I can find, to generate self signed certs in C#, all seem to say you should use the "CX509CertificateRequestCertificate" COM object.  But as far as I can tell, this is not available in mono.  Right?

So...  If you want to develop something in mono, and generate a self signed cert, how would you do it?
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