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LostTime77 cmurp77 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 16 12:46:04 UTC 2013

Apparently you felt the need to qualify my statement on what was available in
Vista because.... why? 

If I tell you, you are 6' 3" and you tell me you are actually 6' 3.2" do you
think it honestly matters at that point? Same thing here. I don't care if
Vista has .NET 10.0. It doesn't solve my problem. You confirming Vista has
.NET 2 doesn't solve my problem. If I did care, I could have looked up on
wiki what it was. 

I apologize if I come off as slightly agitated; however, this post has been
sitting here since July and there has not been an actual helpful answer to
it, AND the mono guys don't give a crap. 

I don't see a mono guy even replying to the post telling me that I can't do
what I want! They simply pass it by because it has "windows" in the title. 

One cannot even run mkbundle on windows as is, because it doesn't pass the
parameters to the windows command line correctly. Are you seriously kidding
me? How long does it take to fix that? It's been a problem forever. Its just
another long line of examples of how the mono team doesn't support windows. 

What's horrendously funny is that mono, in its mission statement, says that
is an open source implementation of MICROSOFT'S .NET framework: MICROSOFT'S!
You are telling me you are building a framework completely based on a
Microsoft product, but your support for MICROSOFT Windows is so bad that you
can't even answer questions about it and fix simple problems. 

"If you care so much fix it yourself!" That's one of the funniest comments I
have heard or know people are thinking. I shouldn't have to. Mono markets
itself as a professional piece of software that is actually used in a lot of
areas. They have their own professional developers. I am not about to stoop
as low as to fix an issue in their software because they can't get their act
together with windows support. It should work as is and as advertised. 

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