[Mono-list] Suggestion: Mono to provide support for CentOS

Edward Ned Harvey (mono) edward.harvey.mono at clevertrove.com
Mon May 20 13:57:32 UTC 2013

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> The primary reason Java is popular with the enterprise is its supported
> server platforms (Given similiar hardware) like Solaris and RHEL. When
> compared to Windows servers,
> 1) More secure
> 2) Better performance, scalability and reliability. Windows servers are
> clunky.
> 3) Works well with Oracle, the large enterprise's database of choice
> 4) Cheaper (Solaris is free for development)

Really, none of that is true.  The blanket statement "java is more secure than windows" is very arguable, but not worth arguing.  Point #2 also, very arguable, not worth arguing.

Point #4:  "Java is cheaper than windows because solaris is free for development" is a really weird statement.  

> It is great Mono brings Solaris to the table but Solaris is not free for
> production use.

Use openindiana, or smartos, or something.  If you want solaris for free.  Or use one of a zillion linuxes or bsd's for free.

> OpenSuse is a great client but I need something for the server.

Hmmm...  Opensuse is not the OS of choice in general, but if you were using it for a server, that would be just fine.

> It would be great if Mono also gets support for CentOS.

Here's how it works:  The latest greatest mono is included in fedora.  At some point, they feature freeze fedora, and call it RHEL, which Centos is based on.  Mono is in fact present in centos, but since centos is so old, mono in centos is old.  

I think, in your email full of weird generalizations, you're saying you want a free OS to use on a server, that supports latest greatest mono.

Use ubuntu server.  That'll do it for you.

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