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Edgar Carvalho edgarrc at gmail.com
Fri May 10 22:24:54 UTC 2013

Hi Diego,

I think we live in the same city, probably you live in Brasília as well. I
have two projects, already released to production, running on mono/ubuntu.
After two years working with mono I can say that workforce here is not a
big problem, any C# developer can work with mono, it depends only how
engaged they are to overcome some situations.

Many C# developers lives on the Windows world only and many of them don't
like linux for any reason, so you need someone on your team that understand
very well both sides, someone that really like to learn how to fine tune
apache, know how to debug, set permissions, and understand other
implications (like case sensitive directories).

People from java have more knowledge about linux so I don't see such
resistance when I say that they code is not running on
another environment and they have to figure out how to fix. So, develop
using mono and linux in mind (learn how to use mono inside visual studio,
how to debug on linux) and learn about some best practices like using
http://www.servicestack.net/  instead of WCF to minimize such situations,

On your case you are talking about government and public resources, so you
must consider everything, including security of course. I advice you to
develop a proof of concept system, with performance test, security test,
compatibility and everything so you don't end up deciding just for

It worth a try.


2013/5/9 Diego Tostes <tostes.python at gmail.com>

> hi,
> my name is diego, i am from brasil and i am working in a project for the
> brazilian gorverment.
> at this moment we are having to decide wich webframework we will use and
> we are having to think about two important things:
> 1 - the project is opensource
> 2 - it must be easy to find workforce for the website support in the future
> today the we have a similar website in django and we are having problem to
> find workforce to work with python-django.
> here in brazil we have many people working with C# .NET. mono may be a
> good solution for my project?
> thanks
> Diego
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