[Mono-list] Current state of 3.0.x

Nic Wise nicw at fastchicken.co.nz
Tue May 7 14:51:05 UTC 2013

Hi there

I run Mono 2.10.x on my linode, using MVC, which is working really well.

I'd like to move to Mono 3.0.x. I tried building from source, and
while I got a working binary (well, it appeared to work!) the web
parts didn't work (missing System.Configuration, tho I had to fix it
quickly, so I didn't pay enough attention to the actual error message.
Might have just been a strong-name sort of error)

Is there a doc / page / something somewhere as to whats expected to
work? eg, does mod_mono work? (or is expected to work) XSP? ASP.NET?

At least vrs 2.10, anyway :) (ie, this works in 2.10, but we've not
done it for 3.x yet)


Nic Wise
t.  +44 7788 592 806 | @fastchicken
b. http://www.fastchicken.co.nz/

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