[Mono-list] XML reading problem

Paul Johnson paul at all-the-johnsons.co.uk
Wed Mar 13 15:58:57 UTC 2013


Got a small XML issue I could do with some help on.

I have an XML file that looks like this


The GirlRecord can contain upto 50 different fields - it doesn't have to 
contain all of them (so a record with 26 fields is fine).

I have a containing class which looks like this

public class GirlRecords
    public GirlRecords(){}

    public string FirstName
    public string LastName

    // and so on

To load the XML file back in, my code looks like this

private List<GirlRecords> ReadInGirlRecords()
             List<GirlRecords> toReturn = new List<GirlRecords>();
             GirlRecords aff = null;
             int m = 0;
             string localPath = Path.Combine(path, "GirlRecords.xml");
             if (!File.Exists(localPath))
                 return toReturn;
             using (XmlReader reader = XmlReader.Create(localPath))
                 aff = new GirlRecords();
                 while (reader.Read())
                     if (reader.IsStartElement())
                         switch (reader.Name)
                             case "FirstName":
                                 aff.FirstName = reader.Value;
                             case "LastName":
                                 aff.LastName = reader.Value;

The problem is that to add to the List, I need to find the terminating 
</GirlRecord> and act on that.

Question is, how do I do that? Should I use XmlReadInner or ReadOuter or 
is there a better way?


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