[Mono-list] How to start a process? (Crossplatform)

Miljenko Cvjetko mcvjetko at holisticware.net
Thu Jun 6 10:36:05 UTC 2013


Maybe You should try

 1. wrap in a shell
     1. create shell file utility (note no exe extension)
        /usr/bin/mono $SOMEPATH/utility.exe "$@"
     2. chmod +x utility.exe
 2. register exe as non-native binary
     1. as root turn on the binfmt module
        modprobe binfmt
     2. change  /etc/fstab file:
        binfmt_misc /proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc binfmt_misc none
     3. run the following command on boot
        echo ':CLR:M::MZ::/usr/bin/mono:' >
     4.   mark your .exe files as executable in the filesystem as well:
        this is like step 1.2



On 2013.06.06 12:08, Sergey Khabibullin wrote:
> Hello, I am trying to start a process in my application.
> Process.Start("utility.exe","my argument list");
> As you see the "utility.exe" is in the same directory as the application itself.
> Works fine for Windows and some Linux distros. But in other distros I can't start
>   the utility just by "utility.exe", and I forced to use "mono utility.exe". I belive this behaveour
> is  because  of that in some distros mono  binaries registered as executable files, and in others not.
> Obviously Ican'tforce all users touse "Proper Linux Distro", andI can't always use "mono" prefix,
> orI lose the Windows platform.  Is there any solution to this problem?
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