[Mono-list] How to Run Linux Execute Command ">" and "&"

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Sun Jun 2 08:16:05 UTC 2013

Why don't you write a shell script that does your redirection etc and
include this with your program ( eg, run that ). Use the right tool for the

Else run the original program and parse the output directly

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> In linux / unix systems, a shell (bash, csh, etc) is an interactive
> program that's used to launch and manage other programs.  The symbols > and
> & are arguments to the shell that instruct it to handle the output of the
> child process differently from normal.
> In your case, you're basically writing the shell.  You have a UI, and when
> the user clicks something, your application launches another process.
> You'll either have to handle the IO from that child process yourself, or
> find some way to wrap it up and make something else (like bash) handle it
> for you.  Maybe your program will actually create a bash shell script, and
> then tell bash to run that script.
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