[Mono-list] Migrating Windows C#.NET Winforms project to OSX using MonoDevelop

Mauritz Jameson mjames2393 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 19 03:25:58 UTC 2013

I have a C#.NET Windows Forms project which compiles, builds and runs
without any problems on Windows. Now I'm trying to migrate it to OSX using
Mono. The project compiles and builds, but I get an exception (see link to
image below). When I double-click one of the entries in the stack trace, it
says that the file couldn't be found. Does this mean that I forgot to
install something when I installed Mono (i.e. something related to support
for Windows.Forms) ???? According to the mono website, WinForms should be
fully supported so I'm not sure why I get the exception saying that the
requested feature isn't implemented?!?!

Any help is appreciated - thank you!!


My setup is:

Mac OS X 10.8.4

IDE: MonoDevelop 3.0.6


    Mono 2.10.12 (mono-2-10/c9b270d)
    GTK 2.24.16
    GTK# (
    Package version: 210120000
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