[Mono-list] [ANN] Mono buildpack for ASP.NET and OWIN apps

Michael Friis friism at gmail.com
Fri Jul 12 05:21:28 UTC 2013

In case anyone is interested, I've created a buildpack that makes it
easy to run ASP.NET and OWIN apps on various Cloud Platforms. My hope
is that this is going to make Mono a more popular choice for hosting
ASP.NET other .NET apps in the cloud.

The buildpack is here: https://github.com/friism/heroku-buildpack-mono/

Platforms that support buildpacks include Heroku (where I've tested)
CloudFoundry and Stackato.

I've written a couple of blog posts on how to get started:
 * http://friism.com/running-net-on-heroku
 * http://friism.com/running-owin-katana-apps-on-heroku


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