[Mono-list] Embedded API: Method signature not found with generic parameter

mugginsoft jonathan at mugginsoft.com
Thu Jul 11 19:08:33 UTC 2013

Robert Jordan wrote
> Oops, my test actually passes with:
> 	":ToList(System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable`1
> <TSource>
> )"

Thanks. I thought I had tried all the combinations - I should have been more
methodical! I wonder why the method name querying functions provide a
different sig?

However (one last however):

Calling the method results in:

* Assertion at method-to-ir.c:6281, condition `!sig->has_type_parameters'
not met

My argument to the above method is an instance of
System.Data.Objects.ObjectSet<TEntity> which conforms to

mono_class_get_interfaces reports that the argument supports:

Interface name: IObjectSet`1
Interface name: IQueryable`1
Interface name: IEnumerable`1
Interface name: IQueryable
Interface name: IEnumerable

// get a reference to the System.Core assembly
    MonoAssemblyName *monoAssemblyName =
    MonoAssembly *monoSystemCoreAssembly =
    MonoType *monoType =
mono_reflection_type_from_name("System.Linq.Enumerable", (MonoImage
    MonoClass *monoClass = mono_class_from_mono_type(monoType);
    if (!monoClass) abort;
    const char *className = mono_class_get_name(monoClass);
    [DBMonoObjectRepresentation logMonoClassInfo:monoClass];
    // mono_class_get_method_from_name takes a simple method name
    const char *methodName = "ToList";
    MonoMethod *method = mono_class_get_method_from_name(monoClass,
methodName, 1);
    if (!method) {
        abort();    // passes
    // get the method by descriptor
    method = nil;
    methodName =
    MonoMethodDesc *methodDesc = mono_method_desc_new(methodName, YES);
    while (monoClass != NULL) {
        method = mono_method_desc_search_in_class(methodDesc, monoClass);
        if (method != NULL) {
        monoClass = mono_class_get_parent(monoClass);
    if (!method) {
        abort();    // passes
    MonoObject *monoException = NULL;
	MonoObject *retval = NULL;
    void *args [1];
    args [0] = [self monoObject]; // Obj-C method supplies the MonoObject
    retval = mono_runtime_invoke(method, NULL, args, &monoException); //


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