[Mono-list] Xamarin 2.0 concern

Dimitar Dobrev dpldobrev at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 25 18:28:44 UTC 2013


I do agree about the integrated tooling (of which I've always known). But I
do not believe such a separation, or a "spin-off", as you say, is justified.
Android and iOS are just another two platforms Mono runs on. Yes, they have
their peculiarities, just as any other platform has but I don't believe this
means a new name is required. Should we give a different name to each of
Mono for Windows, OS X, Play Station, Wii? Does Java have a different name
for each platform it runs on? What I'm saying is that I think Mono for iOS,
or Mono for Android, is still Mono, and no integrated tooling (useless
without the Mono core) changes that. About licensing, there is nothing wrong
with the Mono versions for some platforms to be non-LGPL or even non
open-sourced. If a platform has a problem with some license, or the Xamarin
people do not wish to open all of their code, that's fine. But not even
mentioning "Mono" - I think not. I really hope that by "there is no rational
reason to be concerned that Xamarin would drop Mono anytime soon" you meant
"there is no rational reason to be concerned that Xamarin would ever drop


In the Unity3D case Mono is only a part of the whole system, it provides
just the scripting. The Unity engine is not based on it, it uses it - I
believe there is a great difference. That is, it works for them fine I and
I'm glad this is yet another area Mono performs great at but unlike
Xamarin's products here Mono is far from irreplaceable. They could've used
Python or Lua or any other widely used in games scripting language. Besides,
Unity3D is not a product that was "born" out of Mono and its community, it
is an independent product that makes use of another good product. So it's
fair that the Unity3D people do not put "Mono" in the names of their

About this mailing list, I had already made it very obvious that I think
this concerns the Mono project as a whole, and therefore its community, also
which I believe Xamarin to be a part of. I'd just like to be sure, as a Mono
user and as the maintainer of a Mono-based open source project, that Xamarin
are determined to remain the invaluable part of that community they are now.

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