[Mono-list] Xamarin 2.0 concern

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Sun Feb 24 17:27:27 UTC 2013


On 24.02.2013 15:23, Dimitar Dobrev wrote:
>      Furthermore, even if I hadn't argued about these negative associations
> what about the positive ones? That because of Mono, developers can run their
> both existing and new code on Linux, OS X, iOS, Android? You do realise that
> changing a name does not remove only the negative associations, it removes
> ALL of them. This is exactly what I meant by saying ""Mono" is your
> marketing message".

I'm glad that you're enumerating these allegedly supported platforms
once again, because it just points out where the fallacy is:

It was never possible to download "Mono" and make it work on iOS/Android
out of the box. And even if, the LGPL license of the runtime would
make the redistribution at best cumbersome for Android, and illegal
for iOS.

MonoTouch and M4A are spin-offs of the Mono runtime + BCL with a lot
of (never open sourced in full) integrative tooling. These
"added value" parts are now called Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android.

Now where is the problem?

The Mono runtime, the BCL and certain framework parts beyond the BCL
used by Xamarin's products are still supported and maintained by
Xamarin, and there is no rational reason to be concerned that Xamarin
would drop Mono anytime soon.


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