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Tue Aug 20 22:36:54 UTC 2013

Hello everyone, 

I am new user just sign up in mono so please be nice to me :) 

I am huge fan of mono and i am huge fan of mediabroswer3 a media collections
organizer with server and clients 

see what is missing is Mono where it enable mediabrowser3 to develop
clients/servers for linux and Mac  

it would be nice if a mono developer join mediabrowser3 and make this
reality as there is huge dmanad of linux applications and future is bright 

so here is little summary so everyone understand what MediaBrowser3 is :

Media Browser Server:
Media Browser 3 is a centralized solution. Maintain your library just once
no matter how many devices you have accessing it. Manage plug-ins and
everything else in one place for your whole home – all with a sophisticated
but dead-easy-to-use web configuration platform.

Media Browser Theater
A completely new stand-alone client with embedded VLC player brings Media
Browser to places it could never go before!

Mobile Clients
With clients for Android, Windows 8/RT and Windows Phone 7/8 you can take
your media with you wherever you go.

Your Favorite Plug-ins
It’s a whole new world but a lot of your old familiar favorites will be
there too: CoverArt, TrakT, GameBrowser, Video Backdrops, Trailers and more…
Media Browser Classic
This is the new Media Center client for MB3. It looks and behaves much like
the old MB 2.x and still relies on WMC for its presentation and playback. If
you are coming from MB 2 and like or need WMC for its other features, this
client will allow you to stay in that environment.
The Dashboard
The Dashboard is the new web-based configuration interface for Media Browser
Server. It is a centralized hub for configuring your library, user profiles,
metadata options, plug-ins, etc. Being web-based, it is accessible from many
different platforms including mobile phones and tablets.
Web Client
Within the Dashboard interface there is also a fully-featured web client for
MB 3. This client gives you a very rich interface into your media library
including advanced views and searching capability.
It is also web-based so fully mobile compatible and can be used to browse
your collection and then tell some of the other clients to actually play the
Media Browser 3 Store
Media Browser gets even better with premium features...
Here you can browse all the premium plug-in features available for media
browser and purchase the keys to use them beyond their trial periods. 
Media Browser Free Support 100% 
Full support by developers of Media Browser core system and plugins no
hidden fee's. 
Media Browser support is driven by the community, with developers actively
taking part as well. If you have an issue or a question it is very likely
that it has arisen before, so we ask that you please use search before
asking for help. 
Knowledge Base
Learn how to setup Media Browser by visiting our knowledge base. You'll find
information on best practices to organize your media for maximum
compatibility. If you see something that is wrong or out of date, we
strongly encourage the community to take the time to update it, you will
gain reputation and have more of a say on the direction of the product by
doing so. 
Community Tracker
If you have any questions about Media Browser, would like to look through
some great fan art, leave us some praise, report a bug or have a feature
request, this is the place for you. 
Media Browser Chat rooms
You can talk all day and get help by other users in Media Browser chat 

Media Browser 3 Kinect and Control 
For use with XBOX360 Kinect and Windows PC. Now you can command you pc to do
whatever you like it do 
And ask it to play your collections for you. No more remote controls or
keyboard or mouse now you will control your pc 
As you control your life. Media Broswer 3 is going bring that to you because
we care about you and your experience. 


Media Browser 3 Roku Client 
Save time and money by using Media Browser 3 in Roku no need to build a
media center pc 
Enjoy all Internet TV in Roku and add media browser too and enjoy no setup
We are that good. 
Media Browser 3 Built in Metadata 
metadata and media organization solution for Windows 
You no longer need to manually search for images or data or anything we will
do it for you and for free 
Media Browser 3 Movie Trailers 
Yes a plugin to allow you to stream up to date Movie trailers for you 
No need to go to any website to look for what is coming soon in theaters 
All will come to you with media browser 3 trailers plugin 
Media browser 3 Personal Experience
A More Personal Experience – *User Profiles mean a much more personal
experience for everyone in your household. Create profiles for individuals
or groups of people (like your kids) and define what parts of the library
each one can see, visual and other styles, and parental control levels for
each one.
Media Browser 3 GameBrowser
Yes you can play games and organize your games like movies and tv shows 
Media browser 3 is all about altmate fun and we do realize you love your
games and we make it possible for you to play them when you want and where
you want it and how you want it.
Media Browser 3 ISO Support 
Yes You can play your videos in ISO format to any device you have at home.
We in Media browser 3 understand people have different setting and they
require special setting so we think a head and make things possible for you
so you don’t have to. 
Media Browser 3 Photo support 
Now with media browser 3 you can watch a slide show of your family pictures
and photos 
You can even organize them the way you want and it will work because we are
that good 
Media Browser 3 Music 
Now you can play all you audio songs and music from media browser 3 and we
will organize them for you 
Media Browser 3 MTV 
Yes You can watch video music too. Just put your music videos in folder you
like and add them to Media browser 3 and set and enjoy 

Media Browser 3 in the Car: Under development 
You can now watch your media in your car 

I put this together and i can make howto also if you guys like sorry for my
broken english 


Here is the link to there site
Promo site (see gallery): http://www.mediabrowser3.com/
also : http://community.mediabrowser.tv/
Github (see wiki): https://github.com/MediaBrowser
Community: Media Browser Community Tracker
Open API for web Devlopers:

Again it Free server application and free client 

I hope this help 


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