[Mono-list] xbuild generating invalid /debug:none flag and error..

David Jeske davidj at gmail.com
Fri Aug 16 14:26:26 UTC 2013

On Thu, Aug 15, 2013 at 9:42 AM, David Lechner <david at lechnology.com> wrote:

> Could it have to do with the fact that you are targeting .NET 2.0 (using
> gmcs). It seems to work correctly with my project targeting .NET 4.0 (using
> dmcs). I get the correct /debug- flag when I have
> <DebugType>none</DebugType> in my .csproj file. Or maybe you have a
> mismatched <DebugSymbols>true</**DebugSymbols> in your .csproj?

Hmm. I don't see any mismatched DebugSymbols, and the xbuild spec in
Microsoft.CSharp.targets looks like it should be impervious to this mistake

<DebugSymbols Condition=" '$(DebugType)' == 'none' ">false</DebugSymbols>
 <DebugType    Condition=" '$(DebugType)' == 'none' "></DebugType>

It looks to me like this same Microsoft.CSharp.targets file is being used
for targeting 2.0.

I was able to workaround the problem by removing references to
DebugType=none, and instead using DebugSymbols=false. However, other people
seem to be having this problem as well. I think it's an issue in xbuild, I
just can't find it.

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