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Nigel Delaney nigel.delaney at outlook.com
Fri Apr 26 17:28:34 UTC 2013

Hello All,
Thanks a lot for the help!  The links were very useful, and I am *almost* at a debian package.  One really strange issue has come up though that I really have no idea how to fix that I was hoping people might no something about to.  My program runs well from a virtual box Ubuntu installation from a drive shared between windows and linux.  However, when copied to a linux drive, it fails with:
Unhandled Exception: System.TypeLoadException: A type load exception has occurred.[ERROR] FATAL UNHANDLED EXCEPTION: System.TypeLoadException: A type load exception has occurred.
It appears I can't trace this because with the -v option it looks like it is getting an out of memory error while trying to unwind the stack.  My hunch from google is that this is the result of a case sensitivity issue, but all the reference file names seem to be of the right case sensitivity.  Has anyone encountered something like this before?  Any idea how I can see which type isn't loading?
Thanks again for the help so far,Nigel

> Date: Fri, 26 Apr 2013 09:34:58 +0100
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> On Fri, Apr 26, 2013 at 02:25:36AM +0100, Paul Johnson wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > On 26/04/2013 01:53, Daniel Hughes wrote:
> > 
> > > Please don't raise a bug about MonoDevelop packaging against ubuntu,
> > > The debian-cli guys are very good about updating monodevelop packages,
> > > They do there work in debian not ubuntu, and the packages filter
> > > through from debian unstable to ubuntu in the debian import during the
> > > ubuntu development cycle. As already stated MonoDevelop 3.0 packages
> > > are available in the latest ubuntu.
> > 
> > The OP wanted a more up-to-date version of Mono. Normally, it's up to 
> > the distro to produce a newer version of mono for the distro rather than 
> > the mono guys (though they do a SuSE one).
> I have http://inorton.wordpress.com/pmono-parallel-mono-debian-pacakges/
> They are due a bit of an update but give you a mono installation that doesnt
> break the debian/ubuntu one but sits along side it.
> The amd64 build is broken for the moment but ill look at that soon.
> Ian
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