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Paul Johnson paul at all-the-johnsons.co.uk
Fri Apr 26 01:25:36 UTC 2013


On 26/04/2013 01:53, Daniel Hughes wrote:

> Please don't raise a bug about MonoDevelop packaging against ubuntu,
> The debian-cli guys are very good about updating monodevelop packages,
> They do there work in debian not ubuntu, and the packages filter
> through from debian unstable to ubuntu in the debian import during the
> ubuntu development cycle. As already stated MonoDevelop 3.0 packages
> are available in the latest ubuntu.

The OP wanted a more up-to-date version of Mono. Normally, it's up to 
the distro to produce a newer version of mono for the distro rather than 
the mono guys (though they do a SuSE one).

As I don't use Ubuntu (I'm a Fedora guy), I'm not too sure which version 
they have in their base.

> And please do create debian packages for deployment rather then a
> script as Paul Johnson is suggesting. A debian package is the correct
> way to install on a debian based system like ubuntu.

This may be down to misinterpretation on my part. When I build an 
application using mono, unless I want it system wide, I usually keep it 
in ~/. If the intention is to package rather than anything else, then 
yes, the OP needs to use the packaging system for that distro. Under 
Fedora, a script is usually placed in /usr/bin to fire the binary which 
will be in /usr/lib[64]

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