[Mono-list] Mono/odbc passing invalid chars to MySQL DB

BadRobot robster400 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 12 14:34:23 UTC 2012

The software is limited to odbc I believe, although, as a layman, don't take
my word on that...

I've  uploaded the source for the plugin, remember that its compiled on the
fly at launch by the Procon application itself, and I am unable to supply
any build flags (unless I'm overlooking something) for the plugin as
suggested in

the Connection strings are around line 2791 

I am unsure if anything can be modified to adapt to using the .net connector
& the developer is unwilling to supply any support due to the unnatural
environment I assume.
Daniel Lo Nigro wrote
> Since you mentioned unixodbc, I assume you're using the ODBC MySQL
> connector. Is there any particular reason for this? Is it a limitation of
> the software you're using (does it only support ODBC)?
> Have you tried the native .NET connector instead? It's a fully-managed
> ADO.NET driver which doesn't require ODBC, and works with Mono. If you can
> set the ADO.NET database provider the application uses, you should be able
> to use it. See http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/connector/net/#downloads
> On Wed, Sep 12, 2012 at 10:34 AM, BadRobot <robster400@> wrote:
>> Ok, firstly, forgive me, as I'm far from experienced with these kind of
>> things :)
>> I've got a Procon gameserver controller
>> (http://phogue.net/procon-frostbite/) running on mono 2.6.7 on Debian 6
>> squeeze.
>> Procon has a player stats & chat logger, via a plugin, which sends player
>> data to a mysql (5.1.63) db. with unixodbc 2.2.14, & MySQL connector
>> 5.1.11,
>> I have also tried MySQL connector 5.1.9
>> It should be noted however, that the issue persists with Unbuntu 12.04,
>> Mono
>> & unixodbc 2.2.14
>> I've moved the Procon setup from a Windows machine, where its been
>> working
>> great for months, & apart from the this logging problem, seems to be fine
>> on
>> top of mono.
>> So, what is happening? Instead of filling the db with playernames & chat
>> log
>> entries, its filling it with invalid chars. All data to be logged is
>> English
>> with no unusual characters.
>> Previous db entries while running on Windows display correctly on the
>> stats
>> website, new entries while running on Mono do not.
>> When the procon plugin & sql db were all at default Latin1, it filled the
>> db
>> with just questionmarks, so I assumed a charset issue, changed all
>> references of Latin1 to UTF8 in the Procon plugin source (its compiled on
>> the fly at launch), and set MySQL to UTF8, and now it fills the db with
>> Asian/Chinese characters....
>> I've spent a long time with Google, and come to the conclusion somewhere
>> the
>> correct encoding or line endings are not being translated somehow either
>> by
>> Mono, or the unixodbc driver, but its a little above my head & I could be
>> miles off the mark.
>> Can anyone give me some suggestions on how to fix this?
>> Thanks.
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