[Mono-list] Mono/odbc passing invalid chars to MySQL DB

BadRobot robster400 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 12 00:34:44 UTC 2012

Ok, firstly, forgive me, as I'm far from experienced with these kind of
things :)

I've got a Procon gameserver controller
(http://phogue.net/procon-frostbite/) running on mono 2.6.7 on Debian 6
Procon has a player stats & chat logger, via a plugin, which sends player
data to a mysql (5.1.63) db. with unixodbc 2.2.14, & MySQL connector 5.1.11,
I have also tried MySQL connector 5.1.9
It should be noted however, that the issue persists with Unbuntu 12.04, Mono & unixodbc 2.2.14 

I've moved the Procon setup from a Windows machine, where its been working
great for months, & apart from the this logging problem, seems to be fine on
top of mono.

So, what is happening? Instead of filling the db with playernames & chat log
entries, its filling it with invalid chars. All data to be logged is English
with no unusual characters.
Previous db entries while running on Windows display correctly on the stats
website, new entries while running on Mono do not.

When the procon plugin & sql db were all at default Latin1, it filled the db
with just questionmarks, so I assumed a charset issue, changed all
references of Latin1 to UTF8 in the Procon plugin source (its compiled on
the fly at launch), and set MySQL to UTF8, and now it fills the db with
Asian/Chinese characters....

I've spent a long time with Google, and come to the conclusion somewhere the
correct encoding or line endings are not being translated somehow either by
Mono, or the unixodbc driver, but its a little above my head & I could be
miles off the mark.

Can anyone give me some suggestions on how to fix this?

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