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Daniel Hughes trampster at gmail.com
Tue Sep 11 10:12:17 UTC 2012

GTK 3 was released 10 Feb 2011. That's a long time ago.

During that time .net bindings have failed to eventuate. Information on
what has been happening has been very hard to find, despite a large number
of .net applications on linux using these bindings.

As the author of an opensource application dependent on these bindings I
find this lack of information very concerning. And I'm starting to ask
myself questions like, Am I now dependent of a dead or dieing library?

Banshee was removed from the default ubuntu install, officially because of
lack of GTK 3 support.

I have the following questions:

Where is the source code for GTK 3 support?
As far as I can establish the GTK sharp code is hosted here:
However there is no branch in there labelled as GTK3

Who supports GTK sharp?
If it is community maintained, who are the main contributors?

Is there a projected or planned release date for GTK 3 support?
Developers dependent on GTK sharp need this information in order to plan
the future of there applications.

If GTK sharp is really dying then application developers dependent on it
need to know, so they can either contribute to it or move there
applications on to something else.

If the bindings are struggling, how come there has been no call
for contributors, or at least transparent information about what is going
on. Rather then the current back whole of information.

Recently ubuntu held an app competition, it was hugely successful and while
it was on people where asking questions like this:
And all we could do was advice that they use another language.

If we lose GTK# bindings where does that leave mono on desktop linux? We
have no QT bindings, no clutter bindings and no GTK# 3 bindings. in sort we
have no bindings available (by that I mean packaged in debian or similar)
for the latest version of any native linux GUI tool kit.

I'm going to say this again, mono developers cannot use the latest version
of any native linux GUI tool kit.

Now maybe the GTK# bindings are alive and well and are about to issue a
release. However if that is true then the developers have a lot of room for
improvement with there communications.

Daniel Hughes
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