[Mono-list] Which GUI?

Daniel Morgan monodanmorg at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 10 15:43:11 UTC 2012

Are you interested in a web or client-side GUI?


ASP.NET WebForms.  Use a JavaScript library to do your drawing.  Maybe use an HTML5 canvas?
Microsoft ASP.NET MVC might be included since it is MVC is open source.

Moonlight (Silverlight) is dead, but it is open-source.

System.Windows.Forms is cross-platform on Mono, but only external contributors have been maintaining it.
The System.Drawing layer that provides the drawing capabilities for System.Windows.Forms is based on libgdiplus (on Linux).  On Windows, the native Win32 API is used.

There is no working Windows Presentation Foundation for Mono, but you might find something in Olive in git.

Gtk# - this is being maintained by Xamarin - has to be - it is used as the GUI in MonoDevelop which they use for their commercial products.


There is the Gdk drawing layer, but most are using Cairo these days. 
Gtk# is C# bindings to the Gtk+ toolkit found here:

There might be some OpenGL framework that works on Mono.  I can't remember.  Was it OpenTK or Tao or SDL.NET?



Tao Framework

Mono Game

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Ok, so I've had a couple of hours to test Mono and MonoDevelop, seems rather
nice, re-wrote out webservice in it from scratch in 3 hours, took 3 days in
Flash.  So that's nice :)

But, I need advice.  Which GUI toolkit to use?  A lot of our team come from
flash, so are used to creating sprites in code, then loading images onto
them if needed.  I personally like to draw everything in code, keep it fast. 
I'm wondering the best choice of GUI SDK to go with?  For example, if I
wanted a window and a simple way to draw a square on it, then click that
square and have it animate.  I can't find anything online.


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