[Mono-list] Build server with Mono

alessandro binhara binhara at monobrasil.com.br
Mon Oct 22 17:17:24 UTC 2012

hello all

Does anyone have experience with TeamCity buildserver?

I'm trying to configure to perform the build of my application in mono...

I have a problem with xbuild...
I got this error

*[15:05:27]**Step 2/5: BuildERP Mono (MSBuild)*
*[15:05:27]**[Step 2/5] Starting: "C:\Program Files
"/msbuildPath:C:\Program Files (x86)\Mono-2.10.8\lib\mono\4.0\xbuild.exe"*
*[15:05:27]**[Step 2/5] in directory:
*[15:05:28]**[Step 2/5] Process exited with code 1*
*[15:05:28]**[Step 2/5] MSBuild output*
*[15:05:28]**[MSBuild output] Start MSBuild...*
*[15:05:28]**[MSBuild output] 'C:\Program Files
(x86)\Mono-2.10.8\bin\mono.exe' '"C:\Program Files
*[15:05:28]**[MSBuild output] working dir =
*[15:05:28]**[MSBuild output] MSBUILD: error MSBUILD0005: Invalid syntax.
Property name and value expected as <prop name>=[<prop value>]*
*[15:05:28]**[Step 2/5] Step BuildERP Mono (MSBuild) failed*
*[15:05:28]**Step 3/5: Cobertura de codigo (NUnit)*
*[15:05:28]**[Step 3/5] Build step Cobertura de codigo (NUnit) skipped
because of previous step failure*
*[15:05:28]**Step 4/5: inspeção de codigo (Inspections (.NET))*
*[15:05:28]**[Step 4/5] Build step inspeção de codigo (Inspections (.NET))
skipped b*
*thanks *
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