[Mono-list] Mono & x64 issue

Francois Schelling fschelling at square-enix-montreal.com
Mon Oct 22 17:13:10 UTC 2012



I've just tried to build my own version of mono using the what you mentioned : build the mono/msvc/mono.sln with Visual Studio 2010.  I decided to start with the 32 bits version since I'm having a working version of my app working with the "official" mono package.  I've been able to compile the mono-2.0.dll and mono-2.0.lib.  But when launching my app, I've got the following error when calling  mono_jit_init_version():


* Assertion at d:\projects\monoeval\mono-2.11.4-source\mono\metadata\threads.c:767, condition `((char*)&internal->unused2 - (char*)internal)== mono_defaults.internal_thread_class->fields [mono_defaults.internal_thread_class->field.count - 1].offset' not met


The problem is with my own mono-2.0.dll since swapping it with the one from mono package work just fine.


Any idea?



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The easiest thing to do is to build the Visual Studio solution mono.sln in mono/msvc. Build the x64 target in this case. It will produce the dynamic library (mono-2.0.dll) and an import lib (mono-2.0.lib). A few others and myself had the Win64 version of the runtime working pretty well. You may run into some issues, but it should simple applications reliably.




On Tue, Oct 16, 2012 at 10:54 AM, Robert Jordan <robertj at gmx.net> wrote:

On 16.10.2012 16:14, Francois Schelling wrote:

I've created a 64 bits version of my mono.lib in order to make my
program links correctly with mono using the following command: lib
/nologo /def:mono.def /out:mono64.lib /machine:x64.


The "official" Mono for Windows is 32-bit only, so creating
a 64-bit import lib won't help at all.


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