[Mono-list] Where is System.Data.Entity.dll in mono 2.11.4

Gabriel Ibanez gabriel.ibanez at live.com
Mon Oct 22 05:21:02 UTC 2012


The EF is not available in Mono at this moment. We have the hope of it in new releases because Microsoft have open sourcered it. 

You have to manage your SQL in the ADO.net version 2 fashion. Pretty beautiful if you ask me combined with LINQ and writting your own classes to manage your classes. Fast running, anyway.



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I downloaded mono 2.11.4, i have EF code writen with Vs .net 4.0, and when i want compile this with mono in Linux, i don't find System.Data.Entity.dll, whats wrong?, mono 2.11.4 comes with EF support?

Thank You

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