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Chris McKinnon wrote:
> Hi,
> I decided to take contributing to Mono seriously about 6 months ago.  I've been working on an implementation of the System.Speech namespace in my spare time (which isn't much).  The implementation right now is targeted at using the underlying Mac Speech API but I'm hoping it will expand to other platforms later.
That is great :)

> I typically do web development and use the Telerik controls extensively.  I'd like to get the .NET 3.5 version of their controls officially supported, so I ran MoMa on their web DLL and pick this api to start with.  The use of the System.Speech api in their case seems to be limited to speaking Captcha text.
> I'm trying to follow best practices and unit test but I don't want to get too far down a road without peer-review.  How does one submit code?  Is there a GIT repository for spikes?

We have some introduction text for new contributors (including code 
formatting, which is quite different from what Visual Studio formats).

For System.Speech, it should be put in mono module on github

class libraries are under mcs/class, so you would like to put 
System.Speech directory under there too:

You can either begin with your own fork, or keep working on master 
locally (since it is about isolated class library it won't conflict with 
others' work, so it's almost safe to work on master tree).

If you want to build System.Speech.dll like other assemblies, take a 
look at *.dll.sources and Makefile in other classlib directories. In mcs 
we don't use *.csproj but use flat list of sources. Also you need to add 
System.Speech to mcs/class/Makefile. Though I think you can integrate it 
in mono module later.

If you check out other classlib directories, you'd notice that files are
created per namespace and per class.

Since System.Speech is likely per-platform implementation (unless you 
use some platform neutral libraries such as festival/flite), you might 
first want to create some platform abstraction layer for System.Speech 
API and then write Mac Speech API based implementation (in case you 
didn't think about that). It could be in the same assembly, like we do 
for System.Windows.Forms.dll.

Hope this helps.
Atsushi Eno

> Thanks,
> Chris McKinnon
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