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apollothethird ljames at apollo3.com
Tue Nov 27 17:48:11 UTC 2012

On 11/27/2012 12:31 PM, Stifu [via Mono] wrote:
> That sounds too complicated and twisted, especially if you're trying 
> to get people to use the app. If Tomboy has to be fixed, then you 
> should get in touch with one of the maintainers.
> I found this related 4-year old article: 
> http://automorphic.blogspot.fr/2008/10/tomboy-preview-for-windows-and-mac.html
>     apollothethird wrote
>     I'm not totally sure what you mean.  If you mean what I think you
>     mean, that was what I tried first.  I'll explain my objective.
>     I'm trying to use Tomboy notes on a Windows machine.  I discovered
>     Tomboy notes with my Linux machine... Linux of which I personally
>     run exclusive.  Now what I'm trying to introduce this jewel to my
>     friends, family, and associates who I haven't converted to Linux
>     yet.  In this effort I installed Windows on a support machine of
>     which I'm trying to get Tomboy notes functioning.
>     I spent two weeks trying to get Tomboy to install on Windows 7.  I
>     couldn't get past the error message of the Tomboy installer not
>     recognizing mono is installed, even though I have installed it
>     numerous times and added the bin directory to the OS' path in such
>     that "mono" brings up the help screen from any window.  So I have
>     installed almost 2gigs of Cygwin to try to get Tomboy working this
>     way.  Thus I'm at the point of trying to get the Mono dependency
>     installed.  I'm only on Cygwin for two days.  I appear to be
>     making progress faster here with Cygwin than I was making on Windows.
>     -- L. James
>     -- 
>     L. D. James
>     ljames at apollo3.com
>     www.apollo3.com/~ljames
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You're right.  It's very complicated and twisted.  I'm very surprised 
there isn't more order.  However, personally, I feel it's a just worth 
getting done.  I don't mind being one of the ones to help to get it 
done.  The end results is very must worth the work.

I'll study the link you gave and see if I can make progress in that 
direction.  I'd be glad to get Tomboy working in the easiest way that I 
can find.

I will mention that, while I have a long way to go, I have learned a lot 
on the way.  I've developed a lot of respect for Mono and believe I'll 
start using it often in other projects that I work on. With this in 
mind, if I can get it working with Cygwin, it'll make it easier for my 
Linux projects to become available to my Windows comrades.

While as you have indicated, the work is tedious, the end results is 
very much worth the work.  I'll certainly document the results and 
hopefully make things easier and more orderly for anyone else having 

I'm very surprised there isn't already a Cygwin port of Mono.

By the way, I just reviewed your link.  It appears to be earlier 
versions of the process that I performed.  The author back then (in 
2008) was working with Vista.  The machine I'm using is Windows 7. I'll 
try those older files on Windows 7 and see if I have better luck.

-- L. James

L. D. James
ljames at apollo3.com

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