[Mono-list] C++ interop with Mono

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Mon Nov 12 13:47:46 UTC 2012

On 12.11.2012 14:39, obiwanjacobi wrote:
> I'm looking into the options in more detail and I was wondering about the
> COM/CLR Callable Wrapper.
> The point is that I don't need any real COM services, all I need is an
> interop layer between C++ and .NET/Mono. So I was wondering if, once I have
> these wrapper generated/created, will they work on Mac and Linux?

Yes. Have a look at this article:


> Also a question about performance: which of these options would yield the
> best performance. The plugin's I'm interfacing are Audio processors so
> performance is critical (as in - the best we can manage ;-). So it seems to
> boil down to P/Invokes and COM wrappers (not the services) - which one is
> faster?

There is no substantial difference between them.


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