[Mono-list] JavaScriptSerializer bug?

edward.harvey.mono edward.harvey.mono at clevertrove.com
Fri Nov 2 00:13:09 UTC 2012

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> I have a JSON string which deserializes fine in .Net 4.0, but fails in mono
> 2.10.8 on windows.  Right now, I have no idea why.  So I'm just going to have
> thrash around aimlessly for a little while, creating generic versions of my
> classes and testing various specific details in an isolated environment away
> from the production code...  To see if I can reproduce or characterize the
> problem in some way.
> Anybody have any words of wisdom for me before I start?  Such as, for
> example, any specific information about JavaScriptSerializer, any known
> differences in the implementation versus the .Net implementation, etc?

I should have mentioned - the string is the output of the serializer.
I'm just taking the output of the serializer, feeding it back into the deserializer, and trying to recreate the original data structure.

It's a trivial size test case.  The total string is 109 characters, representing a class that contains a list of objects (populated by one object) which itself has four base properties: two strings and two bytes.

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