[Mono-list] How can I get line numbers on MonoMac app stack traces?

Maurício Linhares mauricio.linhares at gmail.com
Thu Nov 1 21:29:34 UTC 2012

No deal:

➜  winclient git:(develop) ✗ export MONO_ENV_OPTIONS="--debug"

➜  winclient git:(develop) ✗ ./Sync.app/Contents/MacOS/Sync

Unhandled Exception: System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException: Exception
has been thrown by the target of an invocation. ---> System.Exception: I am
going to crash now.
  at Sync.MacConfiguration..ctor (System.String destinationPath,
IDatabasePathGenerator pathGenerator) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0
  at Sync.MacConfiguration..ctor () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0
  at (wrapper managed-to-native)
  at System.Reflection.MonoCMethod.Invoke (System.Object obj, BindingFlags
invokeAttr, System.Reflection.Binder binder, System.Object[] parameters,
System.Globalization.CultureInfo culture) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0
  --- End of inner exception stack trace ---
at System.Reflection.MonoCMethod.Invoke
at System.Reflection.MonoCMethod.Invoke
at System.Reflection.ConstructorInfo.Invoke (object[]) <0x00042>
at System.Activator.CreateInstance (System.Type,bool) <0x001d3>
at System.Activator.CreateInstance (System.Type) <0x00013>
at Sync.ConfigurationSection.get_Configuration () <0x00043>
at Sync.Configuration.LoadFromXML (string) <0x000cf>
at Sync.Configuration.get_Default () <0x0005f>
at Sync.Mac.AppDelegate..ctor () <0x00037>
at (wrapper dynamic-method) object.f57e4aeb-6b60-4541-bc56-c7326f76297f
(intptr,MonoMac.ObjCRuntime.Selector) <0x00057>
at (wrapper native-to-managed) object.f57e4aeb-6b60-4541-bc56-c7326f76297f
(intptr,MonoMac.ObjCRuntime.Selector) <0x0006f>
at (wrapper managed-to-native)
MonoMac.AppKit.NSApplication.NSApplicationMain (int,string[]) <0x00003>
at MonoMac.AppKit.NSApplication.Main (string[]) <0x0003f>
at Sync.Mac.MainClass.Main (string[]) <0x000e7>

Maurício Linhares
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On Thu, Nov 1, 2012 at 5:23 PM, Rodrigo Kumpera <kumpera at gmail.com> wrote:

> Run with --debug
> On Thu, Nov 1, 2012 at 5:06 PM, Maurício Linhares <
> mauricio.linhares at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I'm most likely doing something really stupid here, but I can't find a
>> way to get line numbers on my stack traces.
>> I have manually added the ".mdb" files to the "Contents/MonoBundle"
>> folder (so they're at the same folder as the DLLs) but still can't get it
>> to work.
>> Am I missing something here?
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