[Mono-list] Mono Tools - activation code and future plans?

Kristofer Berggren kristofer.berggren at gmail.com
Thu Nov 1 12:49:14 UTC 2012

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> > From: Kristofer Berggren [mailto:kristofer.berggren at gmail.com]
> >
> > I just heard from a friend that
> > it is possible to get an activation code by emailing support at xamarin.com
> That worked for me - I got an activation code.  I also sent them follow-up
> email about the registration form not working and such.  Maybe they can't
> or won't do anything about it, but at least they've been notified...  So we
> can hope for the best...
Great! I received one as well. As for my question about the future
plans for Mono Tools I received the following information:

> As for the future plans of Mono Tools, Xamarin owns the product but
> quit selling it in July 2011. We currently use the Visual Studio add-in
> as the basis for our Mono for Android Visual Studio Add-in, and plan
> to offer similar platform-specific add-ins for targeting iOS and OS X.
> We do not currently offer any products for targeting Linux (servers or
> embedded devices); however, we have been making the tools freely
> available for developers that found them useful.

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