[Mono-list] Mono website & dependencies

Nicholas Frechette zeno490 at gmail.com
Sat May 26 16:21:32 UTC 2012

Are there any plans to revamp the mono website?
Half the pages/links are broken. Most of the information also appears
to be out of date (except maybe for the download page???).

Xamarin's website seems mostly focused on the mobile side of things.
Maybe the mono non-mobile specific stuff could be folded/merged into
xamarin's website?

It is somewhat depressing the see the lack of apparent focus on the
mono desktop experience with so much of the information being out of
date or hard to find.

It would also be very helpful for those of us building
mono/monodevelop from sources if a dependency list was included as
well. ie: which package versions are required for each package. Right
now, if I download monodevelop sources, I have no idea which minimum
version of mono or the other satellite packages is required.


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