[Mono-list] Mono.WebBrowser switching from Gecko to Webkit

Adrian Stern adrian.stern at screenfood.com
Wed May 23 13:33:03 UTC 2012

Hi Community

In newer releases of Ubuntu, libgluezilla has been removed from the repository and with it the capability of the WebBrowser Control to display any kind of web based content. I know have trouble finding a new solution for embedding Flash into my Application.

The mono project website states that it is possible to use WebKit as the rendering engine for the WebBrowser Control, but it lacks any kind of Documentation. [1] The mono version I'm running is 2.10.8 on Ubuntu 12.4. Unfortunately moving the Gui Toolkit to GTK is not an Option at this point.

I have webkit-sharp installed and also libmono-webbrowser. My Gtk Test Program worked fine. So the only thing to do is to get the things running in collaboration with WinForms. I've tried referencing Mono.WebBrowser directly which was no use since Mono.WebKit is hidden inside. The compiler error demands libgluezilla to be installed. [2]

The main goal is getting Flash running inside a WinForms Control. If there is another, more practical way to do this, I wouldn't mind making that change. It's also no Problem if the Code won't run on Windows anymore since to target platform is Linux anyway.

I would very much appreciate any lead. It's probably just a matter of changing the Manager from Gecko to WebKit so I'm happy with everything I can get.

Regards, Adrian

[1] http://www.mono-project.com/WebBrowser
[2] libgluezilla not found. To have webbrowser support, you need libgluezilla installed

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