[Mono-list] Using a mysql Set column with sqlmetal

Adam Tauno Williams awilliam at whitemice.org
Mon May 14 15:33:59 UTC 2012

On Tue, 2012-05-08 at 14:05 -0400, Abe Gillespie wrote: 
> All I can say is "GOOD LUCK!"  DbLinq has long atrophied and after
> spending many many hours trying to wrangle it myself, I ended just
> buying Devart.  Trust me, it pays for itself over the hours (and hours
> and hours) of frustration it'll save.  I would recommend Devart or an
> alternative method for accessing your data and to steer far clear of
> DbLinq.

+1 on steering clear of DBLinq.  DBLinq was the straw-on-the-camel that
finally pushed me to give up on C#/.NET for server-side [without a real
Open Source platform I don't want to build stuff on it]. 

Really sad, because without a really good way to interface with

But nHibernate might be an option worth looking at.  Someone told me
that they work on Mono these days [unverified].

> Don't get me wrong, though.  It was a very ambitious project and the
> code is quite beautiful.  But there are way too many edge cases that
> aren't covered and you'll undoubtedly eventually run into one or more
> of those issues.

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