[Mono-list] Mono crashed in UnixSignal.WaitAny

Yves Goergen nospam.list at unclassified.de
Thu Mar 29 18:54:07 UTC 2012

On 29.03.2012 20:07 CE(S)T, Yves Goergen wrote:
> I'm working on a small test case to see if I can reproduce the bug
> without all my application hanging on it.

I've written a short demo application that only waits for those signals
(only contains quoted code + some console output lines). It doesn't
crash until I press Ctrl+C, but then it shows similar or equal output
with the SIGSEGV message. I guess that is not the expected behaviour,
too. When waiting for SIGINT and pressing Ctrl+C, the signal should be
caught and the wait should be finished successfully. It used to work
like that.

Interestingly, the method call doesn't crash immediately. In my first
try, it was after ca. 12 seconds of waiting. I have changed my
application config so that it doesn't do as much in the threads, then it
would take 1.5 minutes to crash. My test application can wait at least
for a few minutes.

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