[Mono-list] WPF development for Mono

Justin Scherer jcscherer at noctrl.edu
Tue Mar 6 05:20:46 UTC 2012

Hello all!

I am obviously new to the mailing list and would first like to introduce myself. I am Justin Scherer and I am currently a college student at North Central College. I am pursuing my degree in Computer Science. I have now been working with C# and WPF development for little over a year. I have also worked on many large scale projects dealing WPF and how the framework is built. I am new to trying to port or recreate all of this for Mono and I realize that this is a large task to try to accomplish. I also realize that just trying to get the basic framework down is going to take quite a long time. But, with all of this said, I feel that it needs to be done. Windows will be deprecating the Windows Forms quite soon, especially with the launch of Windows 8 just on the horizon. With the deprecation of Windows Forms, most of our tools for Mono go to waste since this is what we usually build all of our GUI applications around. I am seeing if there is any interest in pursuing this large task. If there is, feel free to email me at this address and we can start to see what it will take to get this project underway. Again, I realize the amount of work that will need to go into this and I also realize how much time we already put into our own lives. But, if enough support is there and we can get at least a basic framework built up, I feel that we can achieve this immense goal. Thank you for all of your time and lets see if we can get this project up and running.

Justin C. Scherer

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