[Mono-list] Is still Mono multiplatform?

baltasarq baltasarq at gmail.com
Sat Jul 28 11:12:58 UTC 2012

Hi, there!

I recently developed a tiny application, and decided to publish it:


My final step was to submit it to Softpedia. This is the answer I obtained.

Your product, Testy, has been recently proposed for
submission to our software database.

Unfortunately, we weren't able to run the application ( to actually
access/view the software, as it does not start, although we installed the
software requirements - GTK# and .NET Framework ), therefore we cannot list it
on our website.

So it's not only me! The monodevelop project was configured for .NET 4.0, and I have actually all the .NET versions installed.

In Windows, I run my applications flawlessly if they use the (buggy) WinForms library. As soon as I use Gtk#, they just won't just start (with Gtk# installed, of course). This is happening with Mono 2.10.8, and I started experiencing these problems with the Mono 2.10.x series.

The only way to execute Mono/Gtk# applications in Windows is to also install Mono.

Any hint?
Actually, any help would be appreciated.

baltasarq <baltasarq at gmail.com>

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