[Mono-list] Serialization bug

Yury Serdyuk Yury at serdyuk.botik.ru
Tue Jul 3 05:31:12 UTC 2012

Robert Jordan wrote:

> On 02.07.2012 08:45, Yury Serdyuk wrote:
>> Is it a bug in Mono and how to workaround it if possible ?
> It seems to be a bug regarding serialization of multidim. arrays.
> Workaround: use a holder class for these arrays and serialize
> it in place of the multidim. array:
> [Serializable]
> class ArrayHolder
> {
>     public Complex[][] Array;
> }
> Please file a bug.

Yes, I have reported the bug - see 

Also, I have found a place where the exception is occured -
it is ObjectWriter module, WriteTypeSpec function:

> case TypeTag.GenericType:
>                     writer.Write (type.FullName);
>                     writer.Write ((int)GetAssemblyId (type.Assembly));
>                     break;

Here, GetAssemblyId returns null because the assembly was not
registered early in
Hashtable _assemblyCache


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