[Mono-list] Mono Apache2 and cshtml files

jmalcolm malcolm.justin at gmail.com
Sun Jan 22 22:09:03 UTC 2012

Fair enough.

I guess what I should have said is that Mono ships with the assemblies for
MVC2. They cannot ship the assemblies for MVC3 as they do not build without
Razor and Razor is not Open Source.

If all you have are the assemblies for MVC2 then 'cshtml' and 'vbhtml' are
not recognized as valid ASP.NET pages.

On 22 January 2012 10:08, martinJT [via Mono] <
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> Just to be clear, it wasn't that I wasn't "running MVC3" on that machine.
> MVC3 isn't a service that's run, it's a set of DLL's.  The issue was simply
> that I hadn't deployed some of the DLL's that were needed for sites that
> use Razor View Engine (I believe it's due to the fact that Razor isn't open
> sourced in the same was as the MVC framework).
> Using the term "running MVC3" could be confusing to users, hence the
> reason I felt that clarity was needed.
> Thanks for the reply though.
> Martin
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> martinJT wrote
>  > there's a slight problem that a particular page is > linked to as
> "default.cshtml". This means that apache is thinking that it's > a file to
> download. here are the ones I had to copy in from an existing razor site on
> the same machine... Microsoft.Web.Mvc.dll System.Web.Mvc.dll
> System.Web.Routing.dll I also needed to remove
> "Microsoft.Web.Infrastructure.dll".
> I believe your problem was simply that you were not running MVC3
> (including Razor) on the Mono box. That is why it did not recognize
> 'cshtml'.
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