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Thanks for the replies, however, I've already tried the things suggested, or at least I thought I did but it's now working. 

It was quite confusing as I use MVC3 on mono, with Razor, for my own site on the same server, so I thought I had it down... 

I may have missed a dll, so here are the ones I had to copy in from an existing razor site on the same machine... 


I also needed to remove "Microsoft.Web.Infrastructure.dll". 

One (or all) of the above did it.. 


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*.cshtml means it's a "Razor" view. And if you haven't specifically 
setup your setup your site to run razor files then you'll see this 
behavior. Google for Mono / MVC3 / Razor. That should get you going. 

On Wed, Jan 18, 2012 at 7:33 PM, Martin J. Thwaites 
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> Hi all, 
> I've got a slight problem that I'm hoping that someone can point me in the 
> direction of a solution for... 
> I'm trying to get blogengine.net up and running on a server, and it works 
> for the most part, but there's a slight problem that a particular page is 
> linked to as "default.cshtml". This means that apache is thinking that it's 
> a file to download. I've tried adding it using the "AddType 
> application/x-asp-net .cshtml" in mod_mono.conf, mod_mono_auto.conf and in 
> the site vhost file as well. 
> Am I missing something here? I'm not a linux/mono guru, but the above seems 
> to make sense, but it's not working. 
> Any help/advise would be appreciated... 
> Thanks, 
> Martin 
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