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Indeed. But it would be a shame to do all that then realize none of the GUI toolkits satisfy your needs.
Also, as he's already familiar with programming, I wouldn't expect him to tie his app logic to his GUI in the first place.

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Actually,  the last thing should be picking is the GUI toolkit, design your app logic without tieing it to a GUI and write a separate wrapper program for each GUI environment and console. It makes things easier to test aswell.

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Stifu <stifu at free.fr> wrote:

>How easy that would be depends on your skills, naturally. You may be
>new to
>Mono, but familiar with Java or other similar environments. What you're
>trying to do sounds relatively easy. The way I understand it, you want
>generate a certain image depending on the value of some UI controls.
>The first thing you'll have to do is pick a GUI Toolkit.
>Your options are basically:
>- Use WinForms. No install needed on Windows, but no designer with
>MonoDevelop, and buggy on Linux and especially Mac. However, your app
>be simple enough that you could avoid getting into serious problems.
>- Use GTK#. Install needed on Windows, but works better than WinForms
>platforms. Not as popular / used as WinForms in the .NET world, though,
>its future seems a bit uncertain.
>- Use a different GUI toolkit depending on the OS. Most expensive
>but best results.
>- Patiently wait for the upcoming GUI Toolkit by the Mono team: XWT.
>be available anytime soon, as it's not even been officially announced
>Alan_Brit wrote
>> Hi all
>> I am new to mono platform. I have been reading about it and it seems
>to be
>> what i am looking for...
>> Well, I would like to create an application and could run it on most
>> common OSs and Mono seems o do it.
>> More specifically, i would like to develp and application realted
>> mapping (a map and put some icons on it and refresh it periodically).
>> Firstly I would like to start by a desktop app then implement the
>same but
>> for the web. Some requirements about these application mainly is:
>> A window, with a map, with some comboboxes and listboxes and possible
>> controls in order to show information and click on these rich
>controls and
>> update something on the map, for instance, centralize in the map the
>> clicked object in the listbox
>> Please, could you advice me in terms of (easy) mono tools to do that?
>> Thanks a lot
>> Alan
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