[Mono-list] Npgsql 2.0.12 beta 3 ( released!

Francisco Figueiredo Jr. francisco at npgsql.org
Wed Feb 22 03:30:45 UTC 2012

Hi, all!!

The Npgsql Development Team is proud to announce the Npgsql2 2.0.12
beta3 release!

Npgsql is a .Net Data provider written 100% in C# which allows .net
programs to talk to postgresql backends. Npgsql is licensed under BSD.
More info can be obtained from http://www.npgsql.org

This release is a minor bug fix for the stable 2.0 series.

		In this beta version we can highlight two features:
		1. Improved connection pooling. Thanks to Andrew heads up we
improved Npgsql connection pool code
		to avoid locks as much as possible. This gave us 30%+ performance
		2. LOG: unexpected EOF on client connection" messages are gone!
After so much time causing those messages
		to appear on server log, Npgsql finally got rid of them.
	Fixed bugs:
		[#1010992] System.Double to DOUBLE PRECISION conversion bug. Thanks
Udo Liess for excellent report,
		test case and fix.
		Fixed "LOG: unexpected EOF on client connection" messages  appearing
in postgresql log. See
		for more information.

		[#1011100] NpgsqlParameter and DBNull Value. Now  NpgsqlParameter
changes the dbtype accordingly to
		the value assigned to it unless the dbtype has been assigned explicitly.
		[#1011101] LINQ to entities timestamptz does not accept
DateTimeOffset or DateTime. Thanks Misha Sugakov
		for patch and testing.
		[#1011138] Connection pooling performance suffers under heavy load.
Rewritten connector pool logic in
		order to keep lock for much less time and also with a higher
granularity.  Thanks Andrew for heads up.
		[#1011102]  DateTimeOffset/TimeSpan mapping problem on EF 4.1, .NET
4, using code first.
		Thanks Mirko Geffken for patch.

You can dowload it from here: http://downloads.npgsql.org

Thank you to Josh Cooley for all his help with entity framework support!

Thank you to all who sent feedbacks, suggestions and patches.
You helped to make this release.

Please, feel free to give it a try and let us know if you find any
other problems.


Francisco Figueiredo Jr.
Npgsql Lead Developer

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