[Mono-list] How to get community feedback on Mono application

Pete De Jager Pete at FuturePrice.com
Thu Feb 9 13:12:15 UTC 2012

We have developed a market-data API (http://www.futureprice.com) which runs
cross-platform using Mono. Although we offer exceptional quality data (and
simplicity in data access) I have been unsuccessful in getting any
significant feedback from the community.

Posting links is prohibited on all respectable trading forums, but I have
been allowed to post to two of the most popular ones (EliteTrader and
Trade2Win). The response has been dismal. Comments have ranged from "sounds
great!" followed by no further action, to "Nobody uses Mono". Essentially
we've received very little useful feedback on our product.

I have sent an email to mono at novell.com (from this page:
http://www.mono-project.com/Companies_Using_Mono) hoping to at least get our
application listed, but the email keeps coming back undeliverable (550
Mailbox unavailable). Is this page dead?

Please let me know how to "get the word out" on our Mono masterpiece :-). We
have spent years developing it (at great personal expense) and I have no
doubts that anyone who has a need for market data and tries our API will be
impressed. The problem is in getting people to try it.

Any suggestions that may be helpful, please.

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