[Mono-list] Major Banking application goes live on Mono

Veerapuram Varadhan vvaradhan at novell.com
Wed Dec 19 04:05:05 UTC 2012


A credit that should be shared with *all* the contributors of Mono.  

CEdge [1] is a joint venture of a leading software giant, Tata
Consultancy Services and the prominent bank in India - State Bank of
India.  They service rural banks with their Core Banking Solution called
BaNCS, which is a .NET 1.1/2.0 (not much of 2.0) application running on
Windows 2003 servers.

Mono team (when it was a part of Novell) took up the porting task to get
the application up and running on SLES as the operating platform.  The
porting task ended with a PoC of running 5 branches of a Bank for 6
months without a single ticket been raised.

We changed only about 2% of their BaNCS code to make it run seamlessly
with Mono.

In an recent event organized by SUSE and sponsored by Economic Times,
CEdge publicly announced [2] their migration to Linux from Windows.
Though, announcement doesn't explicitly mention about Mono and its not
required as well.  Isn't it pretty obvious that its Mono and nothing
else? ;-)

Its a proud moment for all of us to celebrate as BaNCS is the first
banking application to run on Mono, officially. ;-)

I take this opportunity to congratulate and thank *all* the members of
Mono community for such a wonderful product.


V. Varadhan

[1] http://www.cedge.in 
[2] http://t.co/g2xnsDYk

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