[Mono-list] HttpWebRequest concurrency issues

Esben Laursen hyber at hyber.dk
Mon Dec 17 21:16:43 UTC 2012

Den 14-12-2012 15:17, Daniel Lo Nigro skrev:
> You should try the same code in Mono 3.0.x to see if the bug has been 
> fixed.
> You can try out the Parallel Mono packages for Debian, they should 
> work on Ubuntu: 
> http://inorton.wordpress.com/pmono-parallel-mono-debian-pacakges/
> Otherwise, it's pretty easy to build from source. Feel free to ask if 
> you don't know how to do this :)
> On Sat, Dec 15, 2012 at 12:44 AM, Dave Curylo <curylod at asme.org 
> <mailto:curylod at asme.org>> wrote:
>     I'm running mono on Ubuntu 12.04.
>     I'm sending multiple HttpWebRequests to the same server and
>     getting a timeout error, and also seeing that only one connection
>     is made to the server at a time.  Under Windows, the same code
>     sends multiple concurrent web requests, so this seems to be
>     specific to mono.  I've attempted setting the connection limits by
>     increasing System.Net
>     <http://System.Net>.ServicePointManager.DefaultConnectionLimit and
>     also by configuration, such as
>     |<configuration>  
>       <system.net  <http://system.net>>  
>        <connectionManagement>  
>         <add  address="*"  maxconnection="100"  />  
>        </connectionManagement>  
>       </system.net  <http://system.net>>  
>     </configuration>|
>     Neither seem to have any effect.  I suspect this is related to
>     this bug:
>     https://bugzilla.xamarin.com/show_bug.cgi?id=7002
>     How do I tell if the version of Mono I am running contains this
>     fix?  If it doesn't, what is the best way to obtain such a fix?
>      Are they distributed through Ubuntu repositories or do I need to
>     build from source?

I have seen a problem where mono would close a connection after the http 
request/response was done, it didnt break anything it just initiated a 
new session on every request even though it should use the same (it 
works on Windows). I have just recently upgraded on of my "test" 
machines to 3.0.1 (running CentOS, compiled from source)..

As far as I can tell, its the same problem on 2.6.x and 3.0.1. So if you 
find otherwise please speak up, as I would be really interested...

Now this being said, I have not yet done much work in this area of the 
code, the reason I upgraded was I was hitting a memory leak in the 2.6.x 
code (as far as I can tell)..

I usually have 10 threads that do HTTP POST to send some text back to a 
server. I would like for it to use the same session again and again (or 
10 sessions) in this case, but it closes after every POST (or GET for 
that matter)



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